Batik is a very old form of art, as evidence of early Batik has been found in the Middle East, Egypt, Peru, Japan, Europe, East Turkistan, as well as Central Asia (India and China) as far back as 2000 years ago. Despite its uncertain origins, Batik has reached its highest artistic expression in South East Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia. Batik is a crafted fabric that needs to undergo the delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing and boiling. Batik cloth can be made into garments, paintings, scarves, begs, curtains, table-cloths, bedspreads, and other decorative items.


From the humble beginning of serving as wonderful apparel, Batik has found its way to the wall of many homes and offices in recent years. Its popularity has gain momentum especially among the buyers from the advanced economy such as Japan, US and European countries. This Batik trend sets for its potential to become “collectibles” just like what its counterparts, oil painting and watercolour painting do. Batik painting are real true works of art. No two are exactly alike! The Batik painting from famous Malaysian artists such as Tuan Haji Abdullah Haji Yusof and Indonesian painters such as Raden Saleh, command high prices on the international market and at auctions in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta.


Same Batik painting from the same artist but may vary in its quality bassed on:

The higher the number of layer of wax-dye-boil-dry iterative process a painting has gone through, the better the quality of the painting.

The more refined and detailed the paintings are, the quality will be better.

The quality of materials such as cloth, wax, and dyes used in painting process also determine the quality of the products.

The more complex and intricate the design of the Batik, the longer the time will be needed to complete the Batik painting.


Batik paintings can generally be divided into 4 subcategories based on their characteristics, namely:



Batik Art Painting, ' Fish & Prosperity (White BG)' by Agung (50cm x 45cm)

RM 965.00

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Paper-framed Silk Batik Art Painting, 'Abstract 20', by Musa (18cm x 13cm)

RM 45.00

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Paper-framed Batik Art Painting, 'Bicycle and Rickshaw' by Taufik (30cm x 30cm)

RM 90.00

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Batik Art Painting, 'Fish & Longevity (Black BG)' by Agung (90cmx75cm)

RM 2,752.000

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