FINE BATIK Sdn Bhd is a company specializes in a wide spectrum of batik products ranging from batik paintings, batik accessories, batik figurines, batik soft furnishing to batik apparel. We are both a producer and wholesaler and have probably the largest stock of batik paintings in this part of the world.
Fine Batiks resident artists produce majority of the batik paintings and batik accessories products. The remainder is produced by contract arrangement with independent artists, or purchases from open market especially those painting works from master artists.


From a handicraft, batik has acquired the status of an art. Batik is a versatile medium that can become an ideal hobby for an amateur or a medium of expression for an artist. Batik as an art form is quite spontaneous and one can open up new vistas of creative form. Until recently batik was made for dresses and tailored garments only but modern batik is livelier and brighter in the form of murals, wall hangings, paintings, household linen, and scarves. If used properly, batik can make your house or office unique and inviting. Batik shall be kept in clean, tidy, neat, and regularly swept environment in the process of collection and maintenance.


Batik Painting

Beautiful evergreen lush grass and flowers attracts a myriad of insects towards it. M.Yono creatively paints this masterpiece with vivid colours on a white background using his masterful touch. This exquisite painting is done by using several complex batik techniques that only a handful of master batik artists in the world can implement.


Wood Craft

The unique and delicate figurines is designed and handmade by our skillful craftsman. It is delicately hand-crafted and polished on wood, then beautifully painted with batik techniques,this adorable batik wood will be mould to the desired woodcraft.



Batik Art Painting, ' Fish & Prosperity (White BG)' by Agung (50cm x 45cm)

RM 965.00

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Paper-framed Silk Batik Art Painting, 'Abstract 20', by Musa (18cm x 13cm)

RM 45.00

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Batik Wood Figurine, Couple in Traditional Costumes

RM 225.00

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Batik Wood with Traditional Motives (30 Diameter)

RM 340.00

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