At Rahsia Herbal, we aim to bring back centuries' old herbal secrets and incorporate this knowledge and its application into today’s busy lifestyles. All our herbs and herbal recipes are the result of our collaboration with the Tok Halaq, the medicine men of the indigenous people of Malaysia; Jamu physicians from Malaysia and Indonesia; as well as many other traditional medicine practitioners across South East Asia who are imbued with generations upon generations of herbal knowledge that have been proven to work.

Herbal Diagnosis Diagram

Breast Disease Reproductive Systems Men Specific Problems Breast Disease Reproductive Systems Women Specific Problems Brain Health Head Problems Eye Complaints Nose Problems Mouth and Throat Infections Respiratory Health Cardiovascular Diseases Liver Diseases Pancreas Kidney and Bladder Disorders Skin Infections Digestive Systems Blood Vessels Bone/Joint/Ligament and Muscle Health


Wild Herbs

Herbs under this category are responsibly harvested directly from the rainforest in South East Asia. These products include our a range of Tongkat Ali products such as Yellow Tongkat Ali, Black Tongkat Ali, and Red Tongkat Ali, Kacip Fatimah, Sarang Semut and other rare and wild herbs.

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Garden Herbs

Our variety of garden herbs and tea includes Ashitaba, Stevia and Lemongrass that are grown organically without any damage to the environment and is free from pesticides.

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Herbal Solution

These are perfectly concocted recipes by the various traditional medicine practitioners, specially designed to help with specific health ailments such as diabetes, high blood pressure and rheumatism.

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Rare and Raw Tongkat Ali Merah (Red) Root (Small)

RM 381.50

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Traditional Asian Herbal Remedy for Weight Loss (2g x 15 Teabags)

RM 30.00

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Tunjuk Langit Fruit Regular Pack(50 Grams)

RM 35.00

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100% Pure Kacip Fatimah [Labisia Pumila] Herbal Tea (2g x 15 Teabags)

RM 50.00

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