Batik is a very old form of art, as evidence of early Batik has been found in the Middle East, Egypt, Peru, Japan, Europe, East Turkistan, as well as Central Asia (India and China) as far back as 2000 years ago. Despite its uncertain origins, Batik has reached its highest artistic expression in South East Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Malaysia. Batik is a crafted fabric that needs to undergo the delicate and repeated process of waxing, dyeing and boiling. Batik cloth can be made into garments, paintings, scarves, begs, curtains, table-cloths, bedspreads, and other decorative items.


Batik wood has exotic design and shape. The artisans make this handmade product through traditional which is the combination of woodcraft and batik art. The material used is pine wood. The process of batik making on this medium requires carefulness since the pattern is made manually instead of printed like making batik on other media. Batik wood can be made into various items, such as masks, puppets, animal and fruit miniatures, photo frames, trays, mats, plates, bowls, home decorations, etc.



It is recommended for indoor use because sun and water will damage the wood and the finish. You can buy as a souvenir or gift for your beloved. It is unique and its exotic and beautiful design will decorate your room.


Batik Wood PHBW Toy Top (Gasing)

RM 32.00

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Batik Wood Figurine, Wild Duck (L)

RM 120.00

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Batik Wood Figurine, Couple in Traditional Costumes

RM 225.00

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Batik Wood with Traditional Motives (30 Diameter)

RM 340.00

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